CyberSecurity Domain Architect

at Iris Consulting Corporation
Location Minneapolis, MN
Date Posted December 23, 2021
Category Default
Job Type Full-time


  • Understand and diligently apply EA methodology, framework and process to contribute to the development of a single, cohesive architecture for the IT enterprise.
  • Partner with CISO and other architects in EA practice to leverage¬† EA framework to derive cybersecurity architecture priority from IT strategy.
  • Create architecture views, artifacts for architecture analysis and documentation, and management plan using the tools and templates prescribed by EA framework.
  • Lead EA review and analysis within the cybersecurity domain for architecture design and articulate choice points to CISO from both design and operations perspectives. Help CISO make vendor/product/service choices that align with domain KPIs and achieve target capability.
  • Upload architecture development plan and documentation into online living architecture and EA repository to enable reference and use across company.
  • Develop As-Is and To-Be views of cybersecurity domain as an integral component of architecture for the IT enterprise, including
    • Cybersecurity domain OKRs (objectives & key results) as derived from IT strategy and domain plan to achieve them.
    • Cybersecurity domain products and services, related processes and investment portfolio over a 3-year period.
    • Cybersecurity standards, policies, procedures and processes. Upload these standards into online living architecture and EA repository.
    • Systems and applications including back-end systems for monitoring and automation.
    • Technology landscape, technical design (high-level diagrams), and capacity required to provide services that achieve IT SLA/OLA levels.
    • Cybersecurity and IT standards that must be intrinsically applied in all domains to achieve IT architecture and operations competency.
    • Workforce plan required to originate, sustain and mature target capabilities and services.
    • EA peer-review and formal endorsement of solutions and designs to ensure paced architecture development and deployment across domains.
  • Remain current with new cybersecurity threats and assess systems to ensure they can defend the business. Stay on top of new and disruptive trends in the industry. Formally communicate trends to EA and CISO.
  • Partner with CISO to define scope of work within the domain, domain resources required and direct dependencies within cybersecurity domain to achieve intended target state. Work with EA and CISO to develop supplemental EA resource plan as necessary.
  • Apply CISO's final selection of vendor/product/service to develop detailed deployment plan over a rolling 18-month cycle to achieve To-Be architecture. Translate vendor technology roadmaps into domain roadmaps to ensure continuous improvements to domain operations, including cost-to-serve and other financial KPIs.
  • Maintain a collaborative relationship with key/anchor vendors whose products/services are critical to the domains ability to achieve service SLA/OLA.
  • Help CISO develop workforce strategy, including strategic sourcing, flexible talent pools and upskilling, required to achieve target state over 3-year period.
  • Help CISO develop and maintain lifecycle management and operations practices for the domain to achieve target KPIs.
  • Influence the planning and execution of incident response and postmortem exercises, with a focus on creating measurable benchmarks to show progress (or deficiencies requiring additional attention).
  • Drive security efficiencies, enabling cybersecurity team members to work on more advanced tasks.
  • Perform engineering performance testing to stress the limitations of cybersecurity solutions while at the same time ensuring business innovation and day-to-day processes are not negatively impacted.
  • Balance EA priority and domain operations considerations to fulfill level 3 engineering responsibilities, including creating low-level diagrams, in the event of over-utilization or absence of engineering roles for a given duration.
  • Provide expert guidance during major incidents and help resolve implementation issues encountered with new and existing technologies.
  • Coach and mentor engineering and operations staff on technology, standards development, and best practices for domain operations maturity.
  • Help CISO to conduct operations and financial analysis, domain maturity assessments and next steps to achieve target state in Q3 of each annual budget cycle.
  • Collaborate with architects within EA practice to provide cross-domain rationalized input to CISO's 3-year investment portfolio and budgeting in Q4 of each annual budget cycle.
  • Effectively contribute to improvement efforts within EA to mature the practice, develop architecture expertise and promulgate EA thinking and use across IT.

Equal opportunity employer including disability/veterans.