Cyber Security Engineer, Senior

at Perspecta
Location Washington, DC
Date Posted March 15, 2019
Category Default
Job Type Full-time


Every day at Perspecta, we enable hundreds of thousands of people to take on our nation’s most important work.  We’re a company founded on a diverse set of capabilities and skills, bound together by a single promise: we never stop solving our nation’s most complex challenges.  Our team of engineers, analysts, developers, investigators, integrators and architects work tirelessly to create innovative solutions.  We continually push ourselves—to respond, to adapt, to go further.  To look ahead to the changing landscape and develop new and innovative ways to serve our customers.
Perspecta works with U.S. government customers in defense, intelligence, civilian, health care, and state and local markets. Our high-caliber employees are rewarded in many ways—not only through competitive salaries and benefits packages, but the opportunity to create a meaningful impact in jobs and on projects that matter. 
Perspecta’s talented and robust workforce—14,000 strong—stands ready to welcome you to the team. Let’s make an impact together.
Perspecta has an immediate need for a Senior Cybersecurity Specialist in the Washington DC area and Hines, Illinois.

Cyber Security Engineer, Senior, shall serve as the single shift lead which shall
be responsible for all sites including DC, Hines, and Martinsburg for each
shift.  The shift lead is required to ensure all operations and tasks are
conducted and shall specifically be assisting in technical support to monitor,
correlate, identify, mitigate, manage, track and support processes for security
incidents.  The shift lead shall have knowledge of, and experience in, the

    • Cyber
      Security Policy and cyber security threat mitigation
    • Cyber
      security tools, network topologies, intrusion detection, PKI, and secured
    • Implementation
      of cyber security regulations
    • Providing
      day-to-day management
    • Tracking
      all activity, insuring timely resolution of problems
    • Coordinating
      the development of security signature or access control mechanisms that
      can be implemented on security systems such as intrusion prevention -
      detection systems, firewalls, routers or endpoint in response to new or
      observed threats within the enterprise
    • Leading
      the identification of security systems and controls to ensure the
      monitoring and configuring of security appliances
    • Ensuring
      that Analysts receive and analyze alerts from various enterprise level
      sensors and determine possible causes of such alerts
    • Creating
      and leading processes that support the analysis of log files from a
      variety of enterprise level systems and sensors to include individual
      host logs, network traffic logs, firewall logs, and intrusion
      detection/prevention system logs. Identifying anomalous activity and
      potential threats to enterprise resources.
    • Monitoring
      external and internal data sources in order to maintain enterprise threat
    • Leading 
      the processes which support event correlation by using information
      gathered from a variety of system and sensor sources within the
    • Managing
      the collection and analysis of intrusion artifacts and use discovered
      data to enable mitigation potential of incidents within the enterprise
    • Providing
      network event analysis and intrusion analysis